Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere different. The Branch is a place where inspiring people write about and share the things that inspire them the most.

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What Inspires You?

The idea for The Branch came to me after writing an article on something that I’d seen when I first began my career as a web designer (which later became the first article).

After writing it, I realised that it would be great to know about the inspiration and motivation behind others in similiar industries. I’ve always enjoyed reading this kind of article, looking into the depths of a fellow creative mind, but had never seen one place with all these thoughts grouped together.

Designed for easy, comfortable reading, the main focus of the site is on a clean layout and beautiful typography. Later, the separate reading layout was launched to provide a distraction-free environment and allow the reader to focus on the content.

The Branch was launched with some great initial articles, and ever since then its fanbase has been growing, with excellent articles being written for the site by friends, colleagues and strangers alike.


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Rooney Web Book

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Article Page

Article Page

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Readable Layout

What I Learned

I learnt a lot about how to run, support and advertise a website once launched, which wasn’t something I’d had to do before, and love it when new articles arrive in my inbox out of the blue.