Love Coffee are already a recognised name on British high streets. I helped them launch their brand onto the web.

Love Coffee Logo

Freshly Roasted

Love Coffee already had over 30 stores by the time they comissioned their first website. With a following ready and waiting to be introduced to the site, the bar was set high from the beginning.

Chris Page at Tait Design came up with a unique and colourful design, interspersed with some great imagery showing the story of the brand’s product - Coffee - from the field to the cup. My challenge was to turn it into a fully responsive website.

The main aim of the site is to get customers in the door, so it needed to be as easy as possible to find and locate stores. Integrating the site with Google Maps meant that users could enter their postcode, and have directions to their nearest store in front of them within a matter of seconds.

As well as this, the site give Love Coffee an portal through which they can present news and updates to their customers, and allow people to find and apply for employment opportunities with Love Coffee online.


Avant Garde Demibold

Georgia Regular

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The Finished Product



Food and Drink Page

Food and Drink Page

What I Learned

making squares work in a responsive design is hard

There was a lot of tweaking required during development due to the fixed vertical constraints within the design, but the end result made this extra effort worthwhile.