Entering the legal world can be a scary prospect. I helped Helen Starkie make those first steps a little easier for her clients.

Helen Starkie Solicitor Logo

A Smile Costs Nothing

Over time, Helen’s website had become a faceless and out-of-date mess. There was little to no content on the site, and as a result it was struggling to convert visitors into customers. Helen needed a solution that would put her at the forefront of the online legal world.

Gina, Helen and Jo

“The Girls”, as Helen affectionately refers to them – Gina, Helen and Jo

As soon as I met Helen and the team, their kindness and hospitality told me everything I needed to know about the firm. Whatever I designed needed to focus on the people behind the scenes, and given the sensitive nature of the work they do on behalf of their clients, a reassuring smile would be by far their biggest selling point.

I tried to recreate the warm welcome I was given, by putting profiles of the three team members front and center on the homepage, so that user’s visiting the site can get to know them before delving into the legal information found elsewhere on the site.

Above the Fold

Above The Fold. What the user first sees when visiting helenstarkie.co.uk

Warm and Inviting

The typography and color palette used really help to dictate the tone of the site. The gentle, humanist fonts and warm pastel colors create an inviting atmosphere, and help the user settle into the site gently, before getting down to the nitty gritty of the services offered.


Freight Sans Pro Light

FF Tisa Web Pro

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The Finished Product



What I Learned

I spent a long time fiddling with the colour palette on this site, finding just the right balance of colour to accentuate, but not overpower, the imagery used on the site. It was also my first time using fixed, full-bleed background images on a site, a design pattern I still love using to this day.