Beer hasn't been brewed in Berkhamsted since 1914. I helped Haresfoot Craft Beer restart a centuries old local tradition.

Haresfoot Craft Beer Logo

Brewing Up a Storm

Real Ale has never been so popular. There are more than 700 real ale brewers in the UK – the highest number since the Second World War, and four times as many since the founding of Camra (the Campaign for Real Ale). Haresfoot Craft Beer are a new microbrewery based in Berkhamsted, started by eight friends with a real passion for their craft.

Teaming up again with Chris Page from Tait Design, right from the off we knew that this site needed to get taste buds tingling and mouths salivating. Chris had already come up with a series of beer labels, making great use of bold, bright colours to entice beer-lovers. We built on these when forming ideas for the site itself, keeping the bold colours and beautiful patterns for a really eye-catching experience.

Lock Keeper's Launch Label Sundial Golden Ale Label

The beer labels which formed the beginnings of Haresfoot’s branding.

The first step was to create a landing page, as a way to build interest in the Haresfoot brand prior to their official launch. We knew we wanted the final site to be as simple and informative as possible, so built the holding page as a template which we could later expand on when building the final site.

The holding page

The holding page which first appeared on

Big, Bold and Beautiful

The typography on the Haresfoot site was modelled on classic beer labels, and their ability to ‘jump out’ in a crowded pub.

We loved the huge character of Langdon for headings to get the important points across, and this contrasted nicely with the fidelity of Mission Gothic for easy to read body copy.



Mission Gothic Regular

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The colors needed to be bright and attention-seeking, so we chose a palette that followed the progression of ‘shades’ found in the different varieties of real ale.

The Finished Product



List of Beers

List of Beers

Beer Detail Page

Beer Detail Page

What I Learned

staring at pictures of beer all day makes you thirsty

When you’re working on a site that makes you crave a nice cold beer, you know you’re building something that’s going to appeal to the target market in just the way it needs to. If that’s the sort of emotion that the site strikes in Haresfoot’s customers, it’s sure to be a success.