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Things about CSS that make me want to put my face in a blender



When you enter a margin value such as:

margin: 12% 24%;

the vertical value is taken as a percentage of the height of the parent and the horizontal value is taken as a percentage of the width of the parent. This makes sense.

If I enter the same values as padding:

padding: 12% 24%;

the vertical value is taken from the width of the element (horizontal), and the horizontal value is taken from the height of the element (vertical). This is stupid.

The only time this has ever been of any use to me whatsoever in four years of writing CSS has been when forcing the aspect ratio of an element like so:

height: 0;
padding: 0 0 50%;  /* Forces a 2:1 aspect ratio. */

You know what would be far more useful? Make the horizontal and vertical the right way around, and give us an aspect ratio property. Not only would this make aspect ratios an actualproperthing™ rather than a hack, it also allow us to finally vertically center things properly.

/* 25% of the element's height will be
    whitespace above and below its children,
    making them vertically centered (Hurrah!) */
padding: 25% 0;

/* The elements width will be double that
    of its height, which is determined by
    the flow of content. */
height: auto;
width: auto;
aspect-ratio: 1 2;

Exes and Whys?

margin: Y X;
padding: Y X;
border: Y X;
outline: Y X;
background-position: X Y;
transform: translate(X, Y);
transform: scale(X, Y);

Why, dear God, Why???

Fixed positioned elements

I set some elements at a certain size.

.parent {
  width: 50%;
    .parent .child {
      width: 30%;

.child is 30% of the width of it’s parent. Nice and easy. Then I add position: fixed; to the child.

.parent {
  width: 50%;
    .parent .child {
      width: 30%;
      position: fixed;

Boom! .child has now doubled in width. That makes sense doesn’t it? No.


I only ever use solid borders, because anything else is harder to see than a true word in the Daily Mail.

I want to write

border: blue;

and have it give me a 1px wide, solid blue border.

border: 5px blue;

gives me a 5px, solid blue border. Easy peasy.


background-position: top center;

is a nice easy way to position a background. At the moment, to absolutely position an element in this way, I have to do this:

width: 300px;
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 50%;
margin-left: -150px;

If the width is dynamic, the above is impossible without a javascript hack. This would be better:

position: top center;  /* Boom! */